You can have a green lawn too!

3-day front to back landscaping makeover

Over seeding
Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. An investment in overseeding pays off with a thicker, more beautiful lawn.
Fescue lawns tend to thin out with time. Most Fescue sod growers advise to overseed every two years to keep Fescue lawns thick and healthy, and to avoid the expense and disruption of re-sodding a yard. Greenway can overseed your Fescue lawn any time of the year. We recommend overseeding right after aeration or dethatching.

If overseeding is not an option, then fresh new sod might be just what you are looking for. We can remove old turf, prepare the soil with all those important nutrient amendments, then install a beautiful new sod lawn.

If overseeding won’t help, fresh new sod could be the answer!

Feed the needs of your lawn!
Lawn fertilization is usually a hit or miss proposition for busy homeowners. That’s why Greenway Lawn Aeration offers the perfect program.
Plant experts agree that Southern California lawns should be fertilized 6 times per year (every 2 months). No more guesswork, like what fertilizer to use, or when. No chemicals to store and go out of date. Just a great looking, properly fertilized lawn! Just think: Approximately every 2 months your lawn will receive the added nutrients it needs with a complete fertilization especially designed for your lawn and the time of year.

Feed Me!

Enjoy a properly fertilized lawn without the work or hassle of chemical storage. Don ‘t forget your ground cover and planters; these areas should be fertilized 6 times a year (every 2 months) too!

$15 per 1000 square feet—That’s just $90 per year for most front lawns, or just $180 per year for the average size front and back lawns up to 2000 feet. LET GREENWAY DO IT!

“Gypsum can work wonders.”
Dr. Wallace – Wallace Laboratories

A soil amendment and fertilizer for over 200 years, Gypsum helps break up compacted soils and improves water use efficiency (providing up to 100 per cent more water to roots in treated soils). Calcium helps grass plants absorb nutrients, so you get more from fertilization.
Experts recommend Gypsum treatment every one to two years, (more often in high-traffic lawns).

Front lawn (up to 1000 sq. ft.) just $25
Front/Back (up to 2000 sq. ft.) just $50

Golf Course Secrets
It’s no accident that golf course lawns and turfs look wonderful year around. The big secret is regular aeration:That’s right, golf course turfs are aerated twice each year.

Professional turf managers and groundskeepers know the benefits of regular aeration, one of which is the major savings on water costs. The small holes produced by aeration allows water to go directly to the root system. This eliminates costly water runoff.

Golf course turf beauty for your San Diego lawn

The holes also provide direct entry for fertilizers and nutrients, getting their full strengths to where they’re needed most—–the root system.

Aeration is a simple procedure. Professional, state-of-the art machines are moved over the lawn surface, punching holes and removing plugs of grass and soil. This action stimulates root growth, increases the amount of oxygen to the turf, and expedites and efficiently manages the even distribution of water and fertilizer over the entire lawn area.

The best part about aeration is that it is quick, economical, and when done properly, harmless to sprinkler systems.

Consulting Service
Over the years we have developed an expertise in lawn care. We are now happy to offer you the benefit of this expertise through personal consultation for your lawn and landscape needs. We will tell you how to do it yourself, or what it will cost for a professional landscaper to do it. Hundreds of customers find this informational consultation very handy for dollar and time savings. Our fee for this service is just $100.and usually takes about 60 minutes.
During this consultation we’ll answer your questions and offer suggestions for your property’s lawn and landscape needs. Please call to schedule a consultation.

Mowing Tips
Proper mowing practices are critical to the appearance of your lawn. If you follow these general guidelines, you can increase the health, appearance and life of your lawn:
– Make sure your mower blade is sharp. A lawn mowed with a dull blade appears gray shortly after mowing. The tips of grass blades also will turn brown within 48 hours.
– The Rule of One-Third says cut the lawn often enough to remove no more that 1/3 of the grass blade. This helps avoid scalping, which puts the grass under stress, and reduces its vigor.
Sharp mower blades = Clean cut lawn
Dull mower blades = Jagged cut lawn

Mowing at the correct height also shades the soil, keeping temperatures lower for optimum growth. Check the recommended mowing height for your lawn. A common mistake with tall fescue lawns is mowing too short—this can destroy your lawn!

New Sod
What is the best time of year to install sod? Many landscapers lay sod successfully year-round. Sodding in spring or early summer while grasses are growing rapidly allows rapid rooting. Giving warm season grasses time to develop an extensive root system before cold weather arrives enhances their ability to resist winter injury. Also, planting during May and June coincides with the time when the chances of rainfall are greatest thus reducing dependence on irrigation. Sodding bermuda anytime there are three to four weeks of good growing weather remaining is generally successful.

The easiest way to install sod is to hire Greenway, your professional sod installation experts. Should you decide to save money and do your own sodding, you can still call us for consultation services to save you time and money.